Jack and Sally LED Centerpiece LED Centerpiece for Nerdy WeddingBeautiful 5″ Cubed LED Centerpiece with a nice selection of characters from our Comic Book Hero choices.  There is no better way to display your geeky personality than this charming box. Engraved and cut out on two sides so you can simply nestle the box into a floral arrangement or allow it to stand alone and be fully admired.  The two open sides have a Vellum paper which allows a simple LED tealight to glow through the cut outs.  As a result, you get that unique combination of nerdy with elegance and sophistication for your table decoration.  Stitch and Lilo LED Centerpiece

Colors for your Comic Book Hero LED Centerpiece

Each box has a choice between Copper (as shown with Lilo and Stitch) or Silver (Jack and Sally example).  Then simply select your ambiance and choose the tea light color that best suits your decor.  Each of the tea lights run on a 2032 watch cell battery so there are no concerns about a flame and the batteries last for hours and hours.  Choices of tea light colors are:

Red   ·   Pink   ·   Blue   ·   Green   ·   White   ·  Yellow   ·  Multi



We pride ourselves on being unique in addition to filling that void where we see one. At first, we initially serviced the cosplay world with high quality, detailed products. However, it only seemed fitting that we would feel compelled to provide intricate, custom pieces to help you celebrate the nerd wedding of your dreams. Weddings are a prime opportunity for us to provide remarkable one of a kind pieces with the meticulous attention to detail you’ve come to expect from Altruistic Gifts.

It’s your special day, and it needs to be as unique and special as you are. We would be honored to be included in your special day, no matter how small the part. Furthermore, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need anything personalized, customized or just simply painted to your themed colors. We promise we will do everything we can to provide you with nerdy but elegant decor that you would be proud of.

Stay AllTru2U!

We have been making quite a portfolio of these popular unique 5″ cubed LED Boxes.  Below are some categories with more choices:

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