From the popular rhythm video game, ‘Show By Rock’, Altruistic Gifts brings to you Cyan’s Strawberry Heart Guitar.

Strawberry Heart is no ordinary guitar and neither is our replica.

All wood and hand painted, our replica measures approx. 35 1/2″ in length and approx. 11 3/4″ at its widest point.  The body of the replica is painted a sweet pink. Details along the body and neck of the guitar are painted dark strawberry pink and pristine white.

Light weight and durability makes it perfect for functional cosplay. But everyone knows, cosplayers travel.

So we added two clips onto the neck of our Strawberry Heart that allows you to separate it into two pieces for easy packing and storage. And a guitar strap for hands free cosplay.

We recommend all of our customers apply a clear coating to all weapons and shields to promote greater longevity of our replicas.


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