If you play a Trading Card Game (TCG) then you need our Triple Deck Box with your choice of Pop Culture image. There are 5 different categories that we offer on our Deck Boxes: Anime, TCG Themed, Fantasy, Animals, and this one, Pop Culture. Customize your Triple Deck Box from one of the great pop culture images offered. Unsure if any of these pop culture images bring out the “true you”? Then choose our custom box and send us the image that best reflects your inner self.

Deck Box Specifications:

The Triple Deck Box is made of wood and has been sized to fit cards in sleeves. An additional feature added are velcro straps; this feature means your cards are safe when placed inside a book bag. The TCG Triple Deck Box can hold up to THREE 80 card decks in sleeves. The Deck Box measures approx. 6-1/4″ long, 3-1/4″ wide and 4-1/4″ tall.

Altruistic Triple Deck Box Special:

Altruistic Triple Deck Box Special, choose two pop culture images on the Triple Deck Box for no additional cost! Or, choose a pop culture image for the front of your Deck Box and then select a different choice for the back. Place the item in the cart, then use the drop down feature for the image on the front of the Deck Box. Then use the SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS to tell us what you would like for your 2nd choice. You can even choose from any of our other 5 category choices as listed above. If you choose the custom image then you can either choose one image for both the front and the back of the deck box; or you can choose 2 different images for the same price. If only one image is selected then it will be assumed that you wanted the same image on both sides.

Custom Deck Box:

If you are selecting the custom deck box then copy the link to the image that you would like to use on your Deck Box directly into the SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS box, along with any other instructions. If you will be emailing us the image then please notate your email in the SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS box and we will match your email to your order.

Personalize your Deck Box:

If you want your Deck Box to be unique then you need to purchase the engraved lid option. After adding your Deck Box to the cart, select the Name on Lid option from the drop down feature. Use the NAME ON LID text box to tell us what to engrave and add this option to the cart. Purchasing more than one Deck Box? Then ensure the NAME ON LID feature is added to the cart immediately following the Deck Box purchase. Or use the SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS box to clarify.

Also if you’re looking for a little flair to add to the book bag that holds your deck boxes inside, be sure to check out our pendants which can be used as zipper pulls!

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