Let me introduce you to our Dice Tower Upgrades that can be purchased as an option for any of our Dice Towers.

Whether you’ve purchased a Dice Tower from us at one of the many comic cons that we vend.  Or, you are purchasing a Dice Tower now and you want another image panel to place on the back of the Dice Tower.  Either way, these are the option of upgrades that are going to make your Dice Tower unique and ‘true to you’!  Stand out from the crowd!


Choose to personalize the Front Plate with either your name or your very own unique RPG character name.  Or, purchase additional Front Plates and have each one engraved with all of your different nicknames.  Better still, have one engraved with your achievements like “Aggressive Champion” to create fear in your competitors.


Do you need to keep track of energy points, wealth or turn order?  Well then it’s all possible when you upgrade your Dice Tower with the wet or dry erase panel.  Obviously you will have the choice of placing it on the front or the rear of the Dice Tower.


Perhaps you need a change from the image that you selected?  That’s okay because we have you covered.  You can purchase extra Image Fronts and change your Dice Tower according to your mood.  Or, you can have one image on the front and one image on the back.  Not sure these images bring out the “true you”?  Then check out the CUSTOM Image option and treat yourself to something unique!

Also, don’t forget to check out our dice sets.  Our options include different colors and a choice between 7 or 10 piece dice sets.

Plus you need somewhere to store your dice.  Well we have the perfect solution……choose our dice box and match your choice of image with the Dice Tower Image.

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