We offer graphic customs for our gaming boxes and dice tower boxes.    If your custom request requires a detailed graphic, then this is what we need to know prior to ordering:

For a graphic with a solid background (Example 1) you need to choose “no background” as in Example 2, or choose to keep the background so it would be more like Example 3. If it is a clip art type of image, you need to let us know if you wish to keep the background color and any color within the clip art as in Example 4.


GRAPHICS (Full Image type)

For a graphic that has a full image like Example 5, then you must choose to either preserve the original ratio and have some wood showing, or stretch it slightly to fill the entire product front (Example 6).  Another option is for us to encase it within a border or shape as in Example 7.

Your image should be a minimum of 1,000 pixels.  We have worked with less and it’s been fine as long as it isn’t enhanced too much. For example, a 300 pixel image would not be okay on a dice tower front.

Let us know if you’re concerned about preserving the edges of the image for a horizontal graphic.  For example, in Example 2, the tail of the dragon was not important to this custom. They wanted a larger image and didn’t mind losing the sides of the image.

Lastly, please note that your chosen image will appear slightly darker when it is adhered to the wood background.  Most of us are looking at an image with a white background (either on screen or on paper).  The image will be slightly darker as in Example 8. Please message if you have any questions regarding your graphic. There might be an additional charge depending on the situation if we need to edit.




Interested in personalizing the lid?

If you wish to have your lid personalized then ensure you add NAME ON LID to your order and let us know what you want in the text box.






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