An Altruistic original design, we made our LED Tea Light Box unlike anything else on the market.  It is the most unique gift you can get anyone whether it is a girl, boy, teenager or adult.  From nerdy and geeky to a thought giving symbol.  All so you can show that one person that you’re personally thinking of them.  Gift them the gift of light!

We offer a large catalog of Faces in the following categories:

All of the Faces are cut to allow each one to be interchangeable with this Tea Light Box and allow the light to shine through.

The Tea Light Box comes with a FREE LED Tea Light.  Choose your Tea Light Face first and then choose your box with the FREE LED Tea Light so that you can match the perfect light color for your chosen image(s).

Ideal for home decor, work decor, stocking stuffers, party decoration, wedding favors or any special occasion!  Place them on a bed-side table, dresser, mantle, work desk or shelf, therefore adding a uniqueness without taking up a lot of room.  In addition to breaking the ice, they make a great conversation piece.


Measuring at approximately 2″ cubed, our wooden tea light box is durable and can withstand minor drops and falls with ease.  Perfect for those butterfingers when turning it off to go to sleep.  All of the tea lights run on a 2032 watch cell battery so there are no concerns about a flame.

So don’t miss out on our top con seller!  Then you can see for yourself why our original Tea Light Box design is our number one best seller.

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