Altruistic brings to you the Rose Quartz Full Set Cosplay Replicas!

This set comes with all of our best selling cosplay replicas that you want to complete your Rose Quartz or Steven Universe cosplay.

First included is our best selling

Rose Quartz Shield

This amazing shield measures approx. 17″ diameter. The base of the shield is made of wood and approx. 1/4″ in thickness. From there we created a 3D effect by adding another layer of 1/4″ thick wood on the top of the shield for the pink swirl and the tropical rim. The Shield comes with shield straps already attached. Weighing at  approx. 1.5 lbs, our Rose Quartz Sheild replica is lightweight and durable.

  As an added bonus, we now offer the option of a plain wood, unpainted back or we can paint the back part of your Rose Quartz Shield for only an extra $7.

The Rose Quartz Sword

This gorgeous sword measures approx. 23″ in length and 5.5″ at its widest point. Hand painted in a beautiful ballet pink, with darker rose colored hand guard, and silver hand painted accents on the handle. The Rose Quartz sword is lightweight and the perfect addition to your Rose Quartz or Steven Universe cosplay.

And last, but most certainly, not least…

The Rose Quartz scabbard

Weighing in at approx. 8 oz, will free up your hands without weighing you down.
All hand painted wood in the same darker rose tone as the sword accents, the scabbard is highlighted with white vinyl detailing.

The Rose Quartz scabbard measures approx. 17.5″ in length, approx. 2.5″ at its widest point and approx. 1.25″ thick.  Comes already equipped with a belt loop, allowing for hands free cosplay.

The Rose Quartz Full Set combo is the best bang for your buck to completely round out your Rose Quartz or Steven Universe cosplay.

We recommend customers apply a clear coating to all weapon and shield replicas to promote greater longevity.


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