Was there ever a greater love than Steven Universe? Made of wood and hand painted, we created our Ruby/Sapphire split heart. You can separate and share with your best friend or place it on your book bag and wear the other as a necklace.

A unique accessory for avid fans.

Each half of the heart measures approx. 2″ in length and 3/4″ as the its widest point, 1-1/2″ width combined.


8 reviews for Ruby and Sapphire Heart Pendants from Steven Universe
  1. Mawiah Landry

  2. Rebecca Nidorf

  3. Allie Kat

  4. Aimee Lebow

  5. Gina Anderson

    So cute I love it!! Fast shipping

  6. kicunningham90

    Very well made and a super good idea for a BFF/SO heart key chain/necklace.

  7. Joseoh

  8. Kayla Arnold

    My fiancé and I love them

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