Pick your choice of one of the Planet Sailor Scouts to finish your Sailor Scout cosplay:

-Mercury (Blue)
-Venus (Orange)
-Mars (Red)
-Jupiter (Green)
-Saturn (Purple)
-Uranus (Blue)
-Neptune (Teal) or
-Pluto (Black)

Or choose the full set!

Hand painted their corresponding color on the handle and center jewel. The star at the top is hand painted gold. Center jewel comes with the planets corresponding symbol in golden vinyl.

Each one is perfect for cosplay, pictures or can be used as wall decor
Please not we will update pic soon to illistrate the rounded off ends of the prop


3 reviews for Sailor Scout Planets Wand Cosplay Replica
  1. Maya Papaya


  2. Rachel Ruwe

    So tiny! My eldest niec is going to flip for her birthday. Feel like I need a small for myself to cosplay with.

  3. Rachel Ruwe

    They are sooo cute my niece are going to love them for their birthday

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