We at Altruistic created our She-Ra Shield because we believe it’s always good to have the best accessories for your cosplay.

Made entirely of wood and hand painted, our She-Ra Shield is the perfect addition to your She-Ra cosplay without weighing you down.

Measuring in at approx. 1/2″ in thickness, approx. 17″ in length and approx. 12 1/2″ at its widest point, our She-Ra Shield stands out without being cumbersome. You can also hang it on the wall when not in use or as permanent decoration.

We always recommend that our customers apply a clear coating to weaponry and shields to promote a greater longevity of the cosplay accessories they purchase from us.

Don’t forget to check out our She-Ra Sword of Protection replica to fully round out your She-Ra Cosplay and become She-Ra, Princess of Power!


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