Unleash the creativity at their next birthday party with She-Ra Princesses of Power Paint Your Own wooden characters.  Glam up each piece with your own choices of vibrant paint.  Get even more creative and try out the neon, metallic or glow in the dark paints.  Add glitter, sequins or gemstones!  Each piece can be personalized with the creativity of each young artist; you don’t have to be a professional to create a masterpiece.

Characters for SHE-RA Princesses Of Power PAINT YOUR OWN

Our warrior She-Ra Paint Your Own is in full action in her fight against evil.  This 14″ x 8.5″ wooden oval shape means the sky’s the limit on choice colors since we encompassed her inside a “stained glass” effect.

Catra Paint Your Own is one of the main characters.  A naturally born cat-person who is physically superior to a normal human.  Catra measures 8″ x 9″.

Princess Glimmer of Bright Moon Paint Your Own measures 9.5″ x 7″.  Glimmer is motivated by loyalty and fairness in addition to believing she can achieve anything if she has her friends by her side.

Measuring approx. 9.5″ x 7″ Bow Paint Your Own is Glimmer’s best friend.  Eager to run into battle, he often needs the rescue efforts from She-Ra.


Talk about an exciting social gathering activity!  Altruistic’s Paint Your Own are perfect for any get-together, birthdays, cosplay meet ups, reunions or just plain fun.  If you’re not planning a party, then purchase as a great stress relieving activity.  Just forget all your woes and indulge yourself by focusing on your creativity.

Each Paint Your Own is engraved on wood.  They are easy to paint and work well with acrylic paints, paint pens and markers.  Choose either basic colors or blend colors together to bring out a reflection on the cheek or a sparkle in an eye.  For example, you can trace over the engraved line for more definition or use a complimenting color in between the double lines to make your art pop.

Perfect for home decor.  Proudly hang on any wall whether it be for the nursery, bedroom, hallway or kitchen.  Better still, request a hole to be placed in the center of any of our Paint Your Own and purchase our Paint Your Own Clock so your masterpiece becomes a real work of time.

Bulk Purchase

Having a party?  Then we have you covered.  Purchase 4 Paint Your Own pieces in the Basic Category and you can get one free.  Buy 8 then get two free, etc.  You can have that diverse celebration party with an Anime character, Superhero, Princess and a Country Kitchen Flower Vase for Grandma to paint.  Just make your purchase then tell us in the FREE ART section which additional Art Pieces you would like included as the free art.  *Please note the free art selections should be of equal or lesser value.

***We are constantly searching for new items that we can add to our portfolio of fun.  If you have an idea in mind then contact us and we will see if we can keep the art of painting alive.

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