Don’t miss out on our top con seller!
An Altruistic original design, our tea light box provides an extra burst of personality to wherever you put it. Measuring  at approximately 2″ squared, our tea light box will add uniqueness to your personal space, function as a night light, or provide focus as a conversation starter. All without taking up a lot of room. It’s unlike anything else on the market. And it’s completely customizable too!

All of our tea light faces fit the same way, which means you can buy one box and multiple faces or buy a box for each face. We at Altruistic have created a large collection of tea light fronts that cater to all ages and genres.

  • Heroes and Villains
  • Video Games
  • TV and Movies
  • Anime
  • And so much more!

Pick a front that fits you, pick a tea light color, and watch the magic happen. Included tea light shines through the front you select, casting a comforting glow.
One customer writes

“My son was scared of the dark and didn’t like to go to bed. Then I found Altruistic’s Tea Light Boxes. I bought all of his favorite Superheros to watch over him as he sleeps. No more issues!” 

All of the tea lights run on a battery so you never have to worry about a flame when you use it as a night light.

You can use them to break the ice too –

“I have a pyramid of Altruistic’s Tea Light Boxes on my desk at work. They make it really easy to break the ice during the interviews I conduct.”

We carry multiple colors in our battery operated tea lights, allowing you to set the mood to your liking – radiant red, electric blue, vibrant green, buttery yellow, pure white, or a multi-color light that cycles through them all.

See for yourself why our original design Tea Light Boxes are our number one seller. Give yourself or someone you love the gift of light.


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