Altruistic’s very own Victory Point Counter is here!  A perfect item for keeping track of both player’s game turn, command points and victory points.  Ideal when playing Warhammer 40K and other table top war games.  Prevent those accidental dice rolls and stop your opponent from cheating!  Convenient and trackable!  What could be better?


The Victory Point Counter has a slim profile tray.  Lightweight and easy to fit in your game bag or case.  Designed to fit 16mm “standard dice” and smaller. The dice fit snug and secure on a velvet board to prevent damage for even the fanciest dice.  Laser cut and engraved. Dimensions are 6-1/4″ x 4-1/4″ x 3/8″ thick.

Altruistic #AllTru2U Flair

We are a firm believer in bringing your own flair and style to each of our products.  Hence our tag name #AllTru2U.  Because we understand each individual is unique, we embrace and celebrate the differences.  Protect and preserve the diginity of all!  It is therefore only appropriate that we have brought a uniqueness to our Victory Point Counters by adding the following flair.

Victory Point Counter Options

For the price savvy, you can purchase our Point and Turn Counter with the Warhammer Eagles and we can get this in the mail to you immediately.

Or, you can choose the pendant version.  Select a pendant from any of our pendants that are currently listed and we will place this in the appropriate slot.

Third option is to send us a small image that we can either engrave or high temperature graphic, pressed directly in placement of the Warhammer Eagles.  This image needs to be simplistic in detail so it can be reduced to fit in an approx 2″ section in the middle of the Point Counter.  Either copy the link to the custom image that you would like engraved or pressed directly into the SPECIAL INSTRUCTION box, along with any other instructions.  Or, if you will be emailing us the image, then please notate your email in the SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS box and we will match your email with the image to your order.  Or…it could be words??

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