Our LED Tea Light Box is unlike anything else on the market, an Altruistic original design and perfect for any wedding.  If you want your wedding to be unique, have a splash of Nerdy, or need something Symbolic, then this is the right choice for you.

Wooden or Silver Wedding LED Tea Light Box

Measuring at approximately 2″ cubed, this box is painted silver, if you prefer the natural wood then click here for our Wooden LED Tea Light Box

Once you’ve decided between a painted or non-painted box, you choose between 7 different color tea lights.  Each of the tea lights run on a 2032 watch cell battery so there are no concerns about a flame and the batteries last for hours and hours.  Choose your Tea Light Face first so you can match the perfect light color for your chosen image.

·   Red   ·   Pink   ·   Blue   ·   Green   ·   White   ·  Yellow   ·  Multi


Choosing the Front Face

All of the Faces are cut to allow each one to be interchangeable with this LED Tea Light Box and allow the light to shine through.  We offer a large catalog of Faces in the main category of Light Boxes 

Since there are so many choices, this category is broken down into the following sub-categories.  You should have no issue finding the perfect Face for your wedding personality….but if you do, contact us because we love customs!




We pride ourselves on being unique and filling that void where we see one.  It seems only fitting that by starting off servicing the cosplay world, and providing that attention to detail that’s required, that we would feel the magnet of your requests to provide intricate accents celebrating your fandom for that nerd wedding.

Weddings are the prime example for a request of remarkable and meticulous.  Most importantly, it is your special day and there needs to be no other one like it. Therefore, we would be honored to be included in a small part of it.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need anything personalized, customized or just simply painted to your themed colors.  We promise we will do everything we can to provide you with nerdy but elegant decor that you would be proud of.

Stay AllTru2U!

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