Yoshi Wood Craft

No need to wait for him to hatch from his egg, you can make your own Yoshi wood craft now! Incredible lightweight, cut from 1/4″ thick wood and measures approx. 12″ tall.  Easily displayed as a wall decoration.  A unique gift for any nerd, geek, or video game fan. Perfect and thoughtful gift for that “stay-at-home” person or someone who is rehabilitating.

Craft Mediums

Variety is the spice of life, so when creating your Yoshi wood craft there is no limit on what you can use.  The wood allows paint, markers, crayons, and stickers to adhere for customization.  It’s as simple as coloring between the lines or, if you’re a skilled artist, then blend and shade to your satisfaction.  Allow your creativity to flow utilizing anything from neon, metallic, or glow in the dark paints to glitter and gemstones.  Create your very own masterpiece using whatever you want.

Yoshi Wood Craft Uses

The options of customizing your wood craft piece are as endless as your imagination, and when you have finished customizing, the uses are just as plentiful. Add double sided sticky tape or poster tack to the back to create a personal touch to wall decoration for a child’s room or baby nursery. Attach a magnet and make the craft into a coloring activity that can be displayed proudly on the fridge! Add a rod or Popsicle stick and transform your hand painted art piece into a cake topper for a birthday! Your creativity is the only limit on the applications of this craft.

Art Benefits

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, sometimes it’s nice to slow down. Coloring, painting, and creating art has several well-known benefits for both children and adults. Release stress and calm anxiety by allowing yourself or your child to take the time to create. These benefits will then help develop better analytical thinking in both work and play.

Create Your Yoshi Wood Craft Together

Creating is always more fun when done together. The wooden crafts make for a great activity in a children’s party or classroom, guaranteed to keep the little ones enthralled until finished. However, fun doesn’t stop at any age as they work great for a wine painting night with friends. They even make a great hotel activity for those wanting to pass the time before they get back to comic-con.


Looking for more suggestions?

Ask us to place a hole through the center of the wooden craft piece, purchase a clock set, you just made your very own clock.

We now offer all of our costume weapons as unpainted.  Save costs and paint your very own anime or pop culture costume prop.


Because we are constantly searching for new items that we can add to our portfolio of fun, then contact us if you have an idea.  Let’s see if we can keep the art of painting alive.

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