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The definition of Altruistic is a selfless behavior. One who goes out of their way to help others; to give even when it may be difficult.

At Altruistic, we cater to those that generally do not get attended to in a very pure way. From the products that we make to the way that we make them, always keeping the user in mind. We respect diversity. We promote “All True 2 U”.


Our goal is to provide unique products. We encompass symbols as visual images to convey relationships, ideas and beliefs in consideration of its affects on the psyche.  Our products are made using wood, vinyl, acrylic paint, glass and mirrors.

We have fun with pop culture, anime, cosplay and any other fandoms, hobbies, passions or interests.

We combine multi media with multi interests in order to promote the uniqueness in each individual. And if our site does not have exactly what you were looking for, then we provide custom orders to ensure every person is catered to.

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