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  1. I am going to be the red ranger Halloween need the megazord power sword with the red pin side the sword

  2. You guys are wonderful people with wonderful products. Be more than happy to purchase from you guys again.

  3. My 4 yr old son loves He-man. This sword is great. It is of good quality wood, strong, yet light enough for play. It is perfect size for him. Thank you for a great product. A+++!

  4. If there’s two things people know about me it’s that I collect clocks and I go to DragonCon every year. It has become my tradition for the last many years to always buy one or more of their clocks come Labor Day weekend. It’s not like I have to really go out of my way either; they always have some new and beautiful design that I simply must have. I have so many at this point but my personal favorites are my Gravity Falls clock (just beautifully rendered! The wood burning makes it look SO GOOD) and the Sailor Moon clock I got just last year. Really, the attention to detail they have when making these clocks is admirable I’m sad that I can’t go to DragonCon this year but that’s not going to stop me from adding to my collection.

  5. Just curious if I order this… ( ) by 12/15/21 if I will receive it by Christmas ? 😅 thanks

    1. If you order regular straps (not the adjustable), wood back and no clear coat then I have a set that can go out immediately.

      1. Ok I’m ordering it now thank you

        1. My order number is 23641
          Thank you so much

      2. My order number is 23641
        Thank you so much

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