Kingdom Hearts Keyblades

Kingdom Hearts Keyblades

A Full Listing of our Kingdom Hearts Inspired Keyblades

Our very first Kingdom Hearts Keyblade was a 23″ custom order. Since then we have expanded our selection to include two sizes and a range of detail. They are priced according to the work and detail that goes into each one. Our 23″ Keyblades come in three price groups. Simple, Basic, and Detailed. Our 31″ Keyblades come in four price groups. Simple, Basic, Detailed, and Elaborate.

Every Keyblade is made from 1/4″ thick wood and layered with a minimum of two layers for the basic designs and 4 layers for the more intricate designs. We also offer all of our keyblades unpainted. A great way to decrease the price and allow you the opportunity to paint your own custom colors.


Simple priced at $29 and $19 for unpainted

Basic priced at $37 and $24 for unpainted

Detailed priced at $45 and $29 for unpainted


Simple priced at $55 and $36 for unpainted

Kingdom Key
Soul Eater Wooden Handmade Cosplay Props of Keyblades from the Video Game Kingdom Hearts
Riku Souleater

Basic priced at $65 and $42 for unpainted

DETAILED priced at $79 and $52 for unpainted

ELABORATE priced at $95 and $62 for unpainted

Organization XIII Weapons – Priced & Sized individually

Showcase Your Kingdom Hearts Keyblade to compliment your Home Decor

Costume Weapon Stands
Costume Weapon on Display Stands

Purchase our Display Stands so you can display your favorite fandom prop on any shelf or tabletop.  Or, since they’re lightweight enough, hang them with command strips where it makes an incredible addition to any dorm room or apartment. Showcase your fandom for all to see! Or in a time where it seems like people have it all, this can be the perfect unique gift. Nothing shows you care more than being attentive to the passions of your loved ones and gifting this replica shows you do just that. Creating a sentimental and handmade gift they can’t receive anywhere else. So whether its a birthday gift, Christmas gift, or I’m thinking of you gift, it’s sure to make an impression.