Full Set Power Ranger Weapons
Chibi Sailor Moon and Scout Planet Transformation Wands

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Providing a unique alternative in lieu of flowers or as a fun photo prop

Visit our Costume Weapon Props for a vast assortment of choices

Or Visit Sailor Moon or Power Ranger Collection for a complete themed wedding.



Looking for something with a little more personality than your typical flower bouquet? Then try a unique alternative with any of our Costume Weapon Props in lieu of flowers! We have a variety to choose from and they make great eye catching, show stopping, center pieces. Would you like to keep the traditional look of a flower bouquet but add a splash of personality? That’s okay too! You can have your floral designer arrange your bouquet around your favorite costume prop for a one of a kind bouquet worthy of your special day.


Our Sailor Moon Wands and Power Ranger Sets are classics and would perfectly provide that nerdy touch your looking for. Our Costume Weapon Props can also be used as fun photo props.  Go ahead and capture the memories of your special day with unique wedding photos that you will cherish forever.

Costume Replicas for Wedding PropsP


We pride ourselves on being unique in addition to filling that void where we see one. At first, we initially serviced the cosplay world with high quality, detailed products. However, it only seemed fitting that we would feel compelled to provide intricate, custom pieces to help you celebrate the nerd wedding of your dreams. Weddings are a prime opportunity for us to provide remarkable pieces with the meticulous attention to detail you’ve come to expect from Altruistic Gifts.

It’s your special day, and it needs to be as unique and special as you are. We would be honored to be included in your special day, no matter how small the part. Furthermore, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need anything personalized, customized or just simply painted to your themed colors. We promise we will do everything we can to provide you with nerdy yet elegant decor that you would be proud of.

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