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Custom Decorative Centerpieces for your Wedding!

Measuring at 5″ on each side, painted a beautiful silver with gold and black accents that complement and contrast the silver. Creating an elegant decoration for the table.

Your choice of four sides, either from our catalog, custom printed on transparency paper, or  your own custom designs.




The centerpieces at your wedding serve as integral decorative pieces that bring a personal touch to each table setting. Now you can bring a bit more of yourself into your wedding by having custom wedding centerpieces. Measuring at 5″ on each side these beautifully handcrafted boxes feature the option of decoration for all four sides so all seated at the table can marvel at it.Single Initial Centerpiece Top to the Custom Wedding Centerpiece Multiple Custom Initials on the Custom Wedding Centerpiece Designed to match the elegance of your occasion, these boxes are painted a brilliant silver complemented by a contrasting black and gold trim. The black top of the box features a cut out of either a single or multiple initials that allow the gold to come through at the top.



Choices to

Your custom wedding centerpiece will feature four sides of your choosing to display. You have the choice of any of our existing fronts that we make in any of our Decorative Boxes, any of the beautiful wedding specific fronts you can see in this products image gallery, or any design you wish. Infinity hearts side with a rainbow printed transparencyWe feature sides that have designs cut out such as the infinity symbol along with hearts to symbolize your future together in love as well as many more designs. Each of these cut-out designs will then be paired with our translucent color filters.Printed Transparency Side We currently offer pink, purple, white, yellow, blue, red, and green color filters to help bring some of your wedding colors into your table decoration. Additionally, we feature sides with printable transparent paper that can be both customized with words as well as color patterns. We offer no additional charge to customize what you wish printed on a transparency. However, we do offer a reasonable charge for any commissioned designs for the cut-outs.





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