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Dice Tower Disassembled

Dr. Who Dice Tower | Tabletop RPG Accessory | Large Tardis Dice Roller


  • The Dice Tower measures approx 9-1/2″ tall, 4-3/4″ wide and 8-1/4″ base length.
  • Simple to break apart and simple to put back together again.
  • Includes a FREE canvas drawstring bag and Instructions included


Tardis from Dr. Who Dice Tower

This Dice Tower offers the Tardis image option; a popular image from the BBC Dr. Who Series.  Not bigger on the inside but definitely good for keeping your dice on the table and not another galaxy!  This Doctor Who Dice Tower is perfect to show off your love of the Doctor whilst keeping your dice from rolling away into another place in time.  The Tardis image is a high temperature graphic, pressed directly on the wood.

No more cheating!  No more looking for your dice under the table!  Just throw a full handful of your dice into the top of this large Dragon Dice Tower.  The dice land inside the bottom tray area with over 1″ walls, ensuring no dice bounce out.

Our Dice Tower is a great conversation piece and a perfect solution to those crowded table top areas.

Large Tabletop RPG Accessory

Standing at 9 ½” tall, 4 ¾” wide and 8 ¼” long at the base this  dice tower stands out. Easily becoming a centerpiece to your game where all can roll together. Or as DM you can turn it towards you for any secretive rolls.  This size not only serves to create a great look, but also allows for standard size dice to be rolled without any worry of getting stuck. With the large opening you can drop all of your damage dice at once without worrying about them colliding and flying across the room as you would with a normal roll.  Made from wood and quieter than an acrylic tower.

Great Gift for a Fan of D&D, Pathfinder, & More


This wooden dice tower is fully collapsible down to 9 pieces. Additionally it comes with a canvas drawstring bag to hold all those pieces, making for easy travel. Incredibly lightweight and easy to put together with our included Assembly Instructions; it makes a quick upgrade you can bring to game nights wherever you have it.

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Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 2 in
Dice Tower Options

IMAGE Dice Tower, Dice Tower & Engrave Front Plate, Dice Tower & Wet-Dry Erase, Tower & Engrave & Wet-Dry Erase


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