Pendant Cord and Keyring

Fairy Tail Wood Necklace, Colored Pendant or Key Ring


  • Measures approx. 1-1/4” in diameter
  • Wooden and lightweight
  • Includes necklace cord and keyring
  • Put a smile on someone’s face with this purchase!
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  • Description

    Fairy Tail Wood Necklace

    Show off your love for fantasy and magic with a wood Fairy Tail Pendant that you can wear as a necklace or attach to your key ring. Anyone from the Fairy Tail guild will love wearing the handcrafted wood symbol every day. Take the pendant with you on all of your adventures and dragons, demons, and dark wizards won’t stand a chance!

    Lightweight, laser engraved, vinyl or hand painted, each of our one-of-a-kind wooden pendants present a splash of color. They measure approximately 1-1/4” in diameter and are 1/4″ thick.  In addition, we include a FREE unisex necklace cord and a FREE key ring.  Hence allowing for a versatile gift when used as a key ring, hanging from your rear view mirror, attached to a book bag, a zipper pull or worn as a necklace.

    Anime Fairy Tail Wood Necklace Party Favor

    Suitable for all ages, all sexes and all genres. Thus, we offer a vast array of choices from Anime to the Letter Z and we have the gambit covered.

    The Fairy Tail Wood Necklace makes a uniquely personal gift for a Birthday, Party Favor, or a Christmas Stocking-Stuffer.  Especially perfect for Valentines Day, Graduation or back to school celebrations. Now that makes an impressive choice for that Hard-To-Shop-For Person!

    We did not use any chemical overlay when making our pendants, ensuring no reaction with individuals that have any allergies.

    Buying in Bulk?

    We can often offer some type of assistance if you’re needing to purchase multiple pendants as party favors; or tokens of appreciation for groups like sports, school, scouts or team achievements.  Contact us with the quantity needed and include your state and zip code so we can calculate the shipping.

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    Additional information

    Weight .0625 lbs
    Dimensions 1 × 1 × .25 in


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