Are you a fan of the Crystal Gems? Represent their founder and former leader, Rose Quartz, with the Rose Quartz Shield Clock. Before her death, Rose led a rebellion to save earth and preserve its beauty. Skilled in combat, Rose is able to summon her pink, spiral shield in order to protect the ones she loves from harm. Featuring a light pink spiral with thorns and a rose as the centerpiece, this shield is now summoned and wielded by her son, Steven Universe. Steven is able to use this shield both offensively and defensively to defeat enemies like the Homeworld Gem, Jasper. While you may not be able to create weaponry out of gemstones, you can join the fight when you summon this Rose Quartz Shield Clock.


Lightweight, affordable and ideal for home decor, housewarming, baby and bridal showers, reunions, or secret Santa gifts.

Your Rose Quartz Shield Clock is 14″ in diameter.

The Quartz Clock Mechanism runs on a single AA battery (not included). The back of the mechanism features a built-in triangle wall hanger.

Your Rose Quartz Shield Clock will require minor assembly. For instance, the mechanism unit will be installed prior to shipping but the hands are not. Obviously this is to ensure that the hands will not be damaged in the transition to you. First choose which side of the hands you wish to display, either the black or the silver side. Next, push the hour hand on to the mechanism then line up the minute hand and secure with the included small nut (no tool required). Lastly the second hand simply pushes onto the mechanism. Of course we provide detailed Hand Instructions with the clock.

Purchasing as a Gift

Are you sending your order directly to someone else as a gift? Then I would be happy to include a gift message for you. Just let me know what you would like to say in the Order Notes section during checkout. The Order Notes section is at the bottom of the Billing Details Page during Checkout.

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