Spiderman Decorative Light Up Gift Boxes
Spiderman Decorative Light Up Gift Boxes
Spiderman Decorative Light Up Gift Boxes
Spiderman Decorative Light Up Gift Boxes

Spiderman Light Up Box | 5 inch Decorative Gift Box | Superhero Night Light





Spiderman Light Up Box

With great power comes great responsibility with our Spiderman Light Up Box.  The detail of engraving and cut outs on two sides allows a simple white tealight to glow through and make a perfect night-light or home decoration for a fan of the comic book or movies featuring the famous wall crawler. Detailed on one side of the box is Spiderman in action. While the other side features the iconic web and spider logo on the other side. Now this superhero can shine a light though the dark in your home.

Spiderman Light Up Box as Kids Room Decor


This 5″ cubed box is a decorative keepsake for your table centerpiece, shelf, mantle, bedside table, desk and more. Beautifully stained grey to match any existing home décor.  Lined with a colored translucent filter that gives your box a pop of color even when not lit up. The color is continued on the top of the box in small cut out details in each corner of the lid. The black top and rim featured on the box help contrast against the grey and give the box an overall elegant look.  Included with the box is a white tea light so the box can be lit up no matter where it is placed.  As a result, you get that unique combination of nerdy with elegance and sophistication whether you nestle the box into a merchandise collection or allow it to stand alone and be fully admired.


Nerdy Home Decor for the MCU and Comic Book Fans!


There is no better way to show someone you care than by paying attention to what they love. Which is why this box can be a thoughtful birthday, Christmas, or anytime present. The box comes packaged already in a pretty gift box with windows. Allowing them to see what they love as soon as they unwrap it. Safely nestled inside the box is the light so they can immediately pull it out for display. So whether you are looking for that perfect night light, a fun desk addition for a co worker,  this is the perfect gift!


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Weight .9 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in


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