Wholesale Zen Products

The very best selection in unique, custom handmade gifts. Created at the best value by a passionate few to create something unique. Want to see more? Click on each image to see full catalog of that line of products. Or Click here to go to our special Zen Gifts Category.

Call Daniel at 843-338-5282 or Email mandy@alltru2u.com for more information.

Tarot Boxes

MSRP: $18 Wholesale Price $9


MSRP: $55 Wholesale Price $36

The perfect companion 4.25″ long x 6.375″ wide x 2″ high to protect and store tarot decks. Wooden box with felt inlay bottom. Choice between lid images.

Yin-Yang Mandala Clock for any Zen area

Wooden 14″ Clock prepackaged in pizza style box with window front. Large portfolio of clock choices are offered.

5″ Light Up Box

MSRP: $32 Wholesale Price $17.50

2″ Mini Cube Light Up Box

MSRP: $12 Wholesale Price $7

5″ Decorative Box, essential for meditation focus and home decor.

Compact sized 2″ cubed gift boxes with interchangeable fronts. “When one is not enough”.


MSRP: $10 Wholesale Price $5

Free Standing Word Signs

MSRP: $16 Wholesale Price $9

4″ square image with a frame border and packaged with an easel.

This shelf sitter is 9″ long and 3″ high. Features a holographic word encased in a wooden frame that is painted a mint green hue.

Necklace or Key Ring

MSRP: $7 Wholesale Price $3.50

Matching Half Hearts

MSRP: $12 Wholesale Price $6

Om Wood Necklace and or Keyring

Each wooden pendant is pre-bagged in a 2″ size hanging bag. Includes one pendant cord and one keyring.

Yin-Yang Dragons Matching Heart Pendants w Necklaces and Keyrings

Heart pendants are pre-bagged in a 2.5″ hanging bag with 2 black pendant cords and 2 keyrings.