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Steven Universe DIY Halloween or Cosplay Costume

Steven Universe Costume Prop

Looking for a Steven Universe Halloween or Cosplay costume? We got you covered. Just follow our easy costume recipes! No baking required!!!!

Making your Steven Universe Costume without Breaking the Bank

Finding the right costume for your Cosplay or Halloween event can be intimidating. First rule is to think outside of the box. For example, sometimes when your outfit calls for a colored boot or shoe, find a sock of that color and wear that over your footwear. Add a non-slip pad on the bottom of the sock to prevent any slipping and falling, particularly on hard convention room floors. The best place to find your outfits are Thrift Stores. Just remember to make your costume’s match the weather. You want to ensure that your cosplay experience or Trick-or-Treat event will be pleasant. Be warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and always ready for rain.

Did you know?

The word “cosplay” is a contraction of “costume + play.” That’s one of the reasons why fans love this form of dress-up, it’s an opportunity to play in the costumes of their favorite characters. When you’re getting your cosplay outfit ready for your first convention, you should remember this above all. Cosplay is intended to spark your sense of play. All of your costume preparation will be worth it if you keep this in mind.

AllTru2U keeping it real!

We always attempt to keep our expenses low so that we can pass those savings on to you. We make lightweight con-friendly props so that you can carry them with you for the entire day. They’re made of a lightweight wood and we offer these props unpainted but still glued and pinned together (with straps on the back for our shields) so that you can have a more cost effective option to be in character without the stress of having to make your own prop.

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