Clear Coat Protection

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  • Protection to make sure your item looks as good as when you received it
  • Please note this service adds additional processing time to your order.


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If you want to keep your item perfect then you need to get the Clear Coat Protection. This permanent gloss coating service can be added to provide a range of benefits. Firstly it increases the durability of the item and the paint. Protection from smudges, scratches, and spills makes a lasting product that maintains its appearance. It will protect your prop from moisture that could affect the wood over an extended period of time. In addition, clear coat protection can also increase color depth giving your item a more striking appearance. This clear coat maintains its clear nature and does not yellow over time so your product remains pristine no matter the duration. Simply put, this protection will make sure your item looks as good as when you received it.

Adding Clear Coat Protection to your item may require an additional 24-48 hours added to your item’s production time. This is due to the nature of the application of the coating and allowing it to fully adhere and bond prior to shipping your item. This time ensures that your item can ship confidently without any plastic or bubble wrap becoming stuck to the clear coating.

There is a small percentage of people who can be allergic to the polyurethane in the clear coat.  Therefore we offer this service as an add-on to the product being purchased which also helps us to keep our products as cost effective as possible.  You don’t NEED to purchase the clear coat.  We paint most of our products with a high gloss so they will have a sheen.  However, if you are sure you are not allergic and you want to keep your product as protected as it can be then we highly recommend the clear coating.





Additional information

Weight .001 lbs
Dimensions 0.1 × 0.1 × 0.1 in
Clear Coat Item

17" Shield, Gun/Wand, Petite 14" Shield, Sword 18"-30" length, Sword 31"-35" length, Sword Petite 17", X-Large 23" Shield

9 reviews for Clear Coat Protection

  1. Andrea Chapman


  2. verderymortgage

  3. Jared Metsgar

    Couldn't really tell if it was put on (touching the texture of the shield) but seems good.

  4. Jinefka Juarez

  5. Jinefka Juarez

  6. MO Arnold

    Wonderful, great, awesome, fast and quality!!!

  7. MO Arnold

    Wonderful, great, awesome, fast and quality!!!

  8. Leah Stroh

  9. J. DiNola

    I added, to my order for a costume item that is really much smaller than a shield, a bonus coat of protective epoxy. (If you're having someone else make something for you, do it right, right?!) And I did notice when Nerdyville dutifully reimbursed me for the difference in cost for materials (and also communicated to me WHY I was receiving money back). I SO appreciate that! Having that type of integrity is important, and it's also increasingly rare. So if you are torn between this shop and another shop because you like both their versions of a cosplay prop, I would urge you to go with NerdyVille. They ship quick, they're honest, they're communicative, and the prices are fair. I'm really impressed with what I've received, and by this seller overall. Thanks!

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