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Gaming Deck Box – Commander | 130 cards in sleeves | TCG Accessory


  • Commander Gaming Deck Box
  • Holds up to 130 cards in sleeves.
  • It can also be used to store dice and counters.
  • Choose one of our images or your own image for a custom gaming deck box.
  • Or Choose the Commander Window Front so that you can show off the first card in your deck!


Gaming Deck Box –  Perfect for Magic The Gathering, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, etc.

If you play a Trading Card Game (TCG) then you need our most popular Gaming Deck Box – the Commander. Outfitted with your choice of image on the front side. Made of wood and the Commander has been sized to fit 130 cards in sleeves. If you double sleeve your deck, then it will fit 116 cards which is more than enough to fit the standard 100 cards required by Commander rules. Whether you are devout EDH/Commander MTG player or just a TCG player with a large deck its a perfect fit.  The Deck Box has a velcro top lid allowing you to toss your box into your book bag while ensuring your cards are safe. The TCG Commander Deck Box  measures approx. 3-1/2″ long, 3-1/4″ wide and 4-1/4″ tall.

Choose Your Image to Create A Gaming Accessory Like No Others

Engraved Lid on Deck BoxWe offer a library of image choices that you can select to use for the front of your gaming Deck Box.  Choices vary from TCG Themed, Pop Culture, Anime, Animals, and much more.  Simply select your image from the drop-down menu above and  a picture will show you the finished product. You can customize even further by adding an Engraved Name Plate to the top to proudly show you own it.

Custom Image for your EDH Gaming Deck Box

Or, you may choose your own image to reflect your own style.  In this instance you can email us the graphic at and notate in the Custom Instructions Box your email address so we can match it with your order. Also feel free to include any important instructions on how you would like your image.  We can work with almost any image, but there might be some alterations necessary so see below:

Your image should be a minimum of 1,000 pixels.  We have worked with less, but the higher the resolution the finer the image produced will be.

Please note the box front for the image is 4-1/4″ tall and 3-1/4″ wide.  Therefore if you select a wider image than a taller image you should be aware that the image will look a lot smaller on the front of the box when we size it to fit.

Most of the images have a white or colored background.  You need to decide if you want the background removed as in Example 2 or if you wish to keep the background as shown in Example 3.  Let us know if you’re concerned about preserving the edges of the image for a horizontal graphic.  In Example 2, the tail of the dragon was not important to this custom. They wanted a larger image and didn’t mind losing the sides of the image.

If it is a clip art type of image, you need to let us know if you wish to keep the background color and any color within the clip art as in Example 4.

For a graphic that has a full image like Example 5, then you must choose to either preserve the original ratio and have some wood showing, or stretch it slightly to fill the entire product front (Example 6).  Another option is for us to encase it within a border or shape as in Example 7.


Lastly, please note that your chosen image will appear slightly darker when it is adhered to the wood background.  Most of us are looking at an image with a white background (either on screen or on paper).  The image will be slightly darker as in Example 8. Please message if you have any questions regarding your graphic. There might be an additional charge depending on the situation if we need to edit.



More than just a Commander Gaming Deck Box

While this box is incredibly well suited for holding your sleeved cards, it also makes an incredible holder for dice, tokens, and counters. Or just use it on your desk to hold pens and pencils and get to look at your favorite image on display as you work. Your own imagination is the only thing holding you back however you want to use it.

Also if you’re a hardcore TCG or Tabletop gamer then be sure to check out our Gaming Home Decor which is sure to bring the magic to any game night!

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Additional information

Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions 4.25 × 3.25 × 3.25 in
Front Choice

Millenium Puzzle (YuGiOh), MTG Mana Symbols, MTG Commander Window, I'd Tap That, Pokeball, Blue Eyes White Dragon (Yu-Gi-Oh), D&D, D20, Dragon, Dragonball Z, Cthulhu, What Doesn't Kill Me Gives Me XP, Custom


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