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Owl House Palisman Staff | Eda’s Owlbert | Lilith’s Raven | Amity’s Ghost | Costume Prop


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Your Choice of Owl House Palisman Staff

Now you can wield magic like Eda, Amity, or Lilith with your own Owl House Palisman Staff. Inspired by the hit cartoon series, Owl House, where Luz Noceda accidentally enters a portal into the Demon Realm. Now you can have your own Palisman providing you power on top of your staff.  Finish your favorite Owl House costume whether you wish to be Eda with Owlbert, Lilith with Raven, or Amity with Ghost. Each staff comes in two sizes, either our Standard 60″ that comes apart in two pieces for easy travel and includes three nuts to keep the two pieces securely fastened. Or you can select our Petite size that comes out to be a length of 31″. Regardless of character choice and size the Palisman head is 7″ at its widest point.


Making the Owl House Palisman Staff

Making Product
Making Product

Owl House Palismin Staff costume replicas are durable and lightweight.  Hand crafted from layered ¼” thick wood, providing structure and remarkable detail. Creating a replica as close to the original source as possible.  Specifically we sand, prime, paint, glue and micro nail each layer together creating a strong and durable fully immersive cosplay accessory.  Subsequently creating a highly decorated replica piece made for the imagination.  However, we do not encourage actual LARPing as paint and more delicate sections are prone to damage on collisions.

Displaying Your Love of Owl House

Costume Weapon StandsCostume Weapon on Display StandsEven if you aren’t wielding the Owl House Palisman Staff as part of a cosplay, it can make for a distinctive home decoration.  Purchase our Display Stands so you can display your favorite fandom prop on any shelf or tabletop.  Or, since they’re lightweight enough, hang with command strips to make an incredible addition to any dorm room or apartment. Subsequently you can showcase your fandom for all to see! Or when we are in a time where it seems like people have it all, this can be the perfect unique gift.  By being attentive to the recipients loves you undoubtedly give a sentimental and handmade gift they can’t receive anywhere else. So whether its a birthday gift, Christmas gift, or I’m thinking of you gift, it’s sure to make an impression.


If you are looking for something specific that you can’t find in the rest of our Cosplay Props feel free to contact us with any commissions or custom requests!

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Amity's Ghost, Eda's Owlbert, Lilith's Raven


Conventional, Petite


Standard Paint, Painted plus Clear Coat, Unpainted


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