Punisher Clock on Beige background
Punisher Clock on Blue background
Punisher Clock on Black background
Punisher Insert for clock or wreath making

Punisher Build A Clock, 14″ Wall Clock


For the dedicated Punisher Fan

  • 14″ in diameter wall clock
  • Quartz mechanism runs on a single AA battery (not included)
  • Some minor assembly required (no tools necessary)
  • Hands can be installed as silver or black side
  • Art Insert can be purchased separately
  • Choose your background color
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Punisher Wall Clock

Let your guests know you’re on the side of justice with the Punisher Build-A-Clock. The Punisher, also known as Frank Castle, is willing to tackle injustice using whatever means necessary, and many consider him their favorite hero, even if he doesn’t wear a cape. Others love The Punisher for his willingness to do what has to be done, winning him a place in the hearts of anti-hero lovers everywhere. Show your support for his mission when you hang the Punisher Build-A-Clock on your wall. The Punisher’s signature skull forms the unique centerpiece of this clock and is a great talking point for Punisher fans and newbs alike. Never be late to vigilante crime-fighting meetups, or lunch, ever again!

Great Nerdy Gift for Men

The Punisher Build-A-Clock makes a great gift! They’re lightweight, affordable and ideal for home decor, housewarming, baby and bridal showers, reunions or secret Santa gifts.

This wall clock is 14″ in diameter.

The Quartz Clock Mechanism runs on a single AA battery (not included). The back of the mechanism features a built-in triangle wall hanger.

Your BUILD-A-Clock will require minor assembly. For instance, the mechanism unit will be installed prior to shipping but the hands are not. Obviously this is to ensure that the hands will not be damaged in the transition to you. First choose which side of the hands you wish to display, either the black or the silver side. Next, push the hour hand on to the mechanism then line up the minute hand and secure with the included small nut (no tool required). Lastly the second hand simply pushes onto the mechanism. Of course we provide detailed Hand Instructions with the clock.


If you’ve seen us at a con then you have seen our unrivaled BUILD-A-CLOCK brand. With the BUILD-A-CLOCK you can always personalize and change to a completely different look.

In order to personalize your clock, we offer 4 different choices of background colors: Black, Sand, Red or Blue. Select which color best suits your home decor or your personal taste. Pair the background color with the Art Insert and voila! You just created an amazing finished product!

The 14″ BUILD-A-CLOCK features a shiny silver rim in addition to laser cut numbers.

In addition to personalizing, the BUILD-A-CLOCK allows for a whole new change! Did you discover a new fandom? Eager to update your passions? Then that’s okay, we’ve got you. Since our BUILD-A-CLOCK offers the Art Insert separately then change it out. Follow the Clock Instructions link and create a brand new aesthetic.

Just want the Art Insert? Then purchase the Art Piece separately and we will include the Wall Hanging Instructions for you to mount onto the wall.

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Additional information

Weight 1.9 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 2 in
Background Color

Red, Blue, Black, Sand, Art Piece Only (No clock)


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