Yin-Yang Mandala Clock | 14in Diameter | Quiet Mechanism | It’s Harmony in Motion


Perfect for meditation rooms or any zen area!

  • 14″ in diameter wall clock
  • Quartz mechanism runs on a single AA battery (not included)
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This Yin-Yang Mandala Clock is the Perfect  Addition to any Zen Space

Elevate your space with our 14″ organic wood Yin-Yang Mandala Clock.  A harmonious blend of artistic beauty and functional timekeeping.  This clock is available in two stunning options: a warm two-tone wood stain or a modern black and white contrast, a cater to diverse preferences.  The Yin-Yang design with a Mandala center is meticulously crafted from organic wood.  Immerse yourself in  tranquility as this exquisite timepiece seamlessly integrates into your space, combining aesthetic appeal with the soothing essence of a zen lifestyle.  Bring balance and sophistication to your surrounds with our unique Yin-Yang Mandala Clock.

Quiet Mechanism, it’s Harmony in Motion

The Yin-Yang Mandala Clock boasts a whisper-quiet mechanism, ensuring a serene ambiance without any distracting ticking sounds. The Quartz Clock Mechanism runs on a single AA battery (not included). The back of the mechanism features a built-in triangle wall hanger.  It’s gentle, seamless movement enhances the tranquil atmosphere of your zen space, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in moments of peaceful contemplation.  Perfect for meditation rooms, yoga spaces, or any area where a tranquil environment is cherished.  This clock adds a touch of sophistication while maintaining the essence of calmness and balance.

This Yin-Yang Mandala Clock makes a perfect Mindfulness Gift

A perfect gift for those seeking balance and tranquility.  Ideal for yoga enthusiasts and instructors, this clocks adds a touch of zen to any mediation room or sacred space.  It’s an excellent aid for guided mediation or yoga sessions.  Elevate your loved one’s space with this thoughtful and visually stunning timepiece.  A unique blend of artistry and mindfulness that fosters a sense of peace and harmony.

Click here if you wish to see how the back of the mechanism works.

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Additional information

Weight 1.9 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 2 in

Black and White, Wood Two Tone


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