Are you feeling it? We hope you will be with our Monado sword replica that we’ve made. Inspired by the Monado blade wielded by Shulk in Xenoblade Chonicles and seen again in Super Smash Bros, it is 30″ long and just under 7″ at its widest point. We were inspired by the First Form of the Monado, the Monado Buster. The sword is handpainted and lightweight for easy carrying for a Shulk cosplay or to make a great wall display to show off your Xenoblade love.

We make all of our product from a soft ¼” thick pine or birch wood; whatever we can purchase at the best price. We then layer the levels which creates a more solid yet lightweight replica (*although we do not suggest ‘LARPing’ as this may cause the product to chip). The layered levels also provide us the opportunity to paint the different colors that is needed for each replica. We spend time prepping the wood for painting and priming the edges since this is the hardest part in getting the paint to adhere. We use glue and micro nails to bring all of the parts together. Some of our products can take time to prep, like our 17” chakrams. Our labor is dependent upon the layers of wood needed, the details on paint pieces or the hand painting required.
*We are able to add another layer of wood if you feel you need something tougher….just ask for a quote.
One of my favorite Christmas gifts was a box of chocolates from my best friend. You see, she didn’t just purchase any box of chocolates, she knew which ones in their selection were my favorite. My gift was a box of chocolates, that only had my favorite ones inside, PLUS, the box was personalized with my name on it! This is one of the reasons we offer customization on all we do! Choose their favorite and then make it unique with their pseudonym or catch phrase. Two of my favorite customs I’ve done was a rainbow Red Ranger Sword and a Klingon phrase on the Bat’Leth.
Or, if you’re looking for a particular replica that you don’t see in my portfolio, or your own designed keyblade, or even your logo on a shield, then send me a message along with a graphic, approx. size and when you need it and I’ll do my best to quote you a great price!
One of the things that attracted us to our business was the cosplay characters. From our very first con we were awe struck in the detail that people achieved in making their own unique costumes. This has encouraged us to offer our products unpainted so that you can add your own personal touch or just simply save money. If you see an item you like, and it’s not currently being offered as non-painted, then we would be glad to quote you a price…..just ask.
We have attempted to price our items as affordable as we possibly can whilst still allowing us to pay our bills. Therefore, we don’t generally offer a discounted price. However, we do offer “freebies” at special times throughout the year on our website to show you our appreciation for your loyalty. Just sign up for our newsletter and when you hear of our “freebie” but still wish to purchase on Etsy then just let us know in the notes section when you order. We will honor you as a loyal customer since you would be a part of our newsletter audience.
There is no quick answer on this. We work in batches, especially if we are prepping for our con schedule. Sometimes we could get one out within 24 hours because we will be able to give you one from our stock that we just made. However, If we just left for a con then it could be 4-5 days depending upon the amount of time we are on the road. If you are ordering in a crunch then contact us, and we can give you an estimate on how fast we can get it in the mail. DON’T PAY FOR EXPRESSS SHIPPING without checking with us first because we may be able to save you that additional expense. Or, give us a heads up if you’re ordering late due to money constraints and we will start prepping one for you.
We offer clear coating as an upgraded choice rather than tack on the service to all of our products and expect you to incur an additional cost when not everyone requires or wants it. If you choose to perform this task yourself then we suggest Krylon Crystal Clear Acrylic GLOSS and follow the directions on the can.
Your package is being shipped from South Carolina, USA. To see the shipping cost of the item then simply place it in your cart and select the best shipping option for you. We have selected the ‘calculated shipping’ option so it should calculate automatically for bulk purchases. However, if multiple items are ordered, we sometimes can mail the items all together in a different sized box than the ‘calculated shipping’ option provided. In these cases, we always refund any shipping overages back to you. We hate shipping charges too ?
I hope you will consider leaving us a review once you’ve purchased. We get a lot of photo’s added to the review too and if you would allow us to use your photo in our listing then please state that in the review too. It helps to show someone actually holding our product in their full cosplay attire.

21 reviews for Shulk’s Fan Inspired Xenoblade Monado Sword from Xenoblade Chronicle and Super Smash Bros Cosplay Replica Costume Prop
  1. Y Q

  2. ewsanborn1

    Very well made! Arrived on time and well packaged. Will definitely order again in the future. Thank you!

  3. Christina Paugh

    Great item and fast shipping!

  4. Tina Matteson

    My son is thrilled with this item! It came very quickly, and is beautifully made – made of wood but lightweight and very smooth and painted very well. It looks totally authentic. Thank you!

  5. Joan Harkness

    Wonderful item and well made! I bought it for a birthday present and the boy never put it down the entire night!! Lovely people and customer service: quick in answering my questions and we were able to meet. Would definitely buy from them again!!

  6. ailey183

    Absolutely worth the money

  7. Larrissa Anne Williams

    Its absolutely amazing and I know he's going to love it

  8. Kelly Herstine

  9. Sydney Kwiatkowski

    Shipped within 3-5 days of ordering it. way earlier than expected! Monado is nice and sturdy, well made.

  10. Pixi Lieber

    PERFECT!!! Bought this as a surprise early-birthday gift for husband and he loved it! Thank you!!

  11. Seth Boczulak

    This sword is so beautifully made. Thank you so much for an awesome product and quick shipping! I can't wait to give my friend his gift!

  12. Jordan Bellanger

    The quality of this is great! Its a little smaller than I though, But i wanted to hang it up on my wall, so it was perfect.

  13. alfredogomez35

    Awesome item and very good quality! Very satisfied!

  14. solerlacrimosa

    Gosh. I actually squealed when I opened the box. It looks so incredible in person and I know the individual I'm gifting this to will throughly enjoy it ! Shipping was fast & the item's color is vibrant and very well made !

  15. Amber

    Very nice! i love it

  16. Robert

    Looks fantastic with quick shipment!

  17. Daniel Weckler

  18. Nathan White

  19. Karen Carter

    Exactly as described. My son-in-law loves !!!

  20. antigravityrunner

    It was a great Christmas gift to give! And it is absolutely amazing, definitely recommend!

  21. Jacob Rodenberg

    Good quality and cheaper than other replica models. Nice to hold and as a display piece

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