Rose Quartz Shield from Steven Universe
Rose Quartz Shield and Sword from Steven Universe
Rose Quartz Scabbard for Steven Universe Sword
Size difference of 23in and 30in Steven Universe Sword
Cosplayer Modeling our Handmade Steven Universe 17" Shield and 23" Sword

Steven Universe Shield or Sword and Scabbard | Con Friendly Size | Rose Quartz Costume Replica

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Purchase your sword or shield individually or as Set today!

  • Sword is 23″ in length and 5.5″ at the widest part
  • Shield measures 17″ in diameter
  • Scabbard measures 17.75″ x 2.5″ wide

See description on “How To Measure” and FINISH OPTION clarification


Steven Universe Shield or Sword and Scabbard

Looking to defend your family and friends from all manner of harm, then you need our Steven Universe Shield, Sword and Scabbard Set! This wooden shield is inspired by the same shield that Rose Quartz and Steven Universe wield in Steven Universe, but you don’t need a gem to make this one appear. If looking to perfect a Rose Quartz Cosplay, then our sword, scabbard, and shield full cosplay set is for you!

SIZE CHOICES and Choosing the Correct Fit for You:

Conventional size is a con friendly size of a 23″ sword and a 17″ shield.  The product gallery photo offers a comparison on all of our 3 sizes that we offer.   Unsure of the size you need? Check the product gallery photos on How to Measure for a conventional sized sword and shield using regular sized 8.5″ x 11″ paper.  If the mock-up looks too large then you may wish to choose our petite size listed separately.  Similarly, If the mock-up feels too small then choose the X-Large size that is also listed separately.

FINISH OPTION Standard Paint vs. Deluxe Choice:

Purchase today and choose between our Standard Finish or our Deluxe Option:

  • STANDARD FINISH includes a fully painted front of the shield with two affixed arm straps for easy carrying and display.
  • DELUXE OPTION includes a fully painted front of the shield. Whilst the back of the shield is painted silver to complete the look.  Plus, the straps have been upgraded to adjustable backpack straps allowing you to comfortably wear the shield on your back.

Choosing the sword only option or the sword and scabbard option includes painting on all sides.

Making the Steven Universe Shield or Sword and Scabbard

Making Product
Making Product

Steven Universe Shield, Sword and Scabbard costume replicas are durable and lightweight.  Hand crafted from layered ¼” thick wood, providing structure and remarkable detail to create a replica as close to the original source as possible.  Specifically we sand, prime, paint, glue and micro nail each layer together creating a strong and durable fully immersive cosplay accessory.  Subsequently creating a highly decorated replica piece made for the imagination.  However, we do not encourage actual LARPing as paint and more delicate sections are prone to damage on collisions.

Displaying Steven Universe Shield or Sword and Scabbard

Costume Weapon StandsCostume Weapon on Display StandsEven if you aren’t wielding the Steven Universe Shield, Sword and Scabbard as part of a cosplay, it can make for a distinctive home decoration.  Purchase our Display Stands so you can display your favorite fandom prop on any shelf or tabletop.  Or, since they’re lightweight enough, hang with command strips to make an incredible addition to any dorm room or apartment. Subsequently you can showcase your fandom for all to see! Or when we are in a time where it seems like people have it all, this can be the perfect unique gift.  By being attentive to the recipients loves you undoubtedly give a sentimental and handmade gift they can’t receive anywhere else. So whether its a birthday gift, Christmas gift, or I’m thinking of you gift, it’s sure to make an impression.


If you are looking for something specific that you can’t find in the rest of our Cosplay Props feel free to contact us with any commissions or custom requests!

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Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 23 × 2 in

Standard Paint, Deluxe


Full Set, Rose Quartz Shield, Rose Quartz Sword, Rose Quartz Sword & Scabbard, Rose Quartz Sword & Shield, Scabbard

90 reviews for Steven Universe Shield or Sword and Scabbard | Con Friendly Size | Rose Quartz Costume Replica

  1. Torianne Yarmoluk

    Beautifully made! I plan to cosplay as Connie and my boyfriend as Steven, so this will be a great prop. Thank you!

  2. Mary

    Received my shield and sword today and they're both beautiful! Thanks so much, I can't wait to wear these with my cosplay. <3

  3. Andrea Lake

    Very quick delivery. Looks amazing and well made. It's fairly light too, which is nice for carrying it around conventions! Not quite as shiny as in the picture but that's ok

  4. Cara Bowles

    Great quality! Its beautifully made and lightweight to carry around.

  5. Airyu

    this sheild is amazing! It's perfect for cosplay and light weight. Love it!

  6. ozzyrox12

    Arrived quickly and looked great. Very light and durable. I love it.

  7. mlessardtx

    The shipping was fast! The item came in great condition! This will go great with my Steven Costume.

  8. elizabethlbratton

    The shield comes exactly as it looks in the picture, its absolutely beautiful but my only problem was that you could see the glue coming from the pieces of wood. An easy fix and it's not really noticeable. Overall, a wonderful product. 🙂

  9. Christopher Gittins

    I LOVE my new sheild thank you so much nerdyville I will most likely buy more stuff from you 🙂

  10. TJ Martinez

    This shield is so PERFECT!!!!

  11. Sheena Redmond

    It's just as pictured. The color is dead on, for what's seen on the show.

  12. River Williams

    It's gorgeous! And so well made. Thank you so much!!

  13. Eric Silva II

    The shield is sturdy, well crafted, easy to carry, and it looks stunning!

  14. Jake McNamara

    The shield looks fantastic and it will look amazing with my costume.

  15. mishihiddenbeauty

    I am planning to cosplay as Rose Quartz this at my first ComicCon and I am very happy with my purchase.

  16. reapersutcliffgrell

    It shipped in time and it came within only few days. It looks good and isn't heavy

  17. Ryan Sarver

    Amazing, affordable, and super fast. Quality of shield was great and lightweight. Highly recommended seller.

  18. Sharlene

  19. Ben Griffin

    This is a well made product, lightweight too, it looks like one of those that you'd buy at a store, great work!

  20. Cole StArmour

    The seller is very kind and willing to work with you and help in fast responses. As for the shield, it is flat out amazing! Great quality, lots of love and hard work put into it. The green/blue color is a little darker in person but that doesn't take away from it at all. It looks spectacular and I couldn't be happier!

  21. Jacob Weisgal

  22. Ada

    Amazing quality and fast shipping!

  23. Elly Snow

    Wow! What a beautiful and lightweight shield! Looks exactly like the picture, and shipping was very fast.

  24. smashingwebhead

    Shipped very quickly. Very nice quality. You've definitely got a future customer.

  25. Marlene Bonnelly

    Very pretty. Has a few tiny holes in it (I assume from the creation process) and it might need a few coats of varnish to hold up, but well worth the price!

  26. Charlie Dozier

  27. Susan Howe Hearne

  28. Symone Sexton

    The edge is more of a real than a baby blue, but great product overall!

  29. Alexi Rose W

    I love this shield even more than I love the sword! Again, beautifully crafted and sturdy. Also the perfect size, and the perfect colour. Thank you again for making such wonderful props.

  30. Kate Sanfilippo

    It's perfect! Thank you so much!

  31. Augustine Loredo

    Beautiful item, I love it and it hanging up on my room

  32. Fallon Gannon

    It shipped before estimated delivery date

  33. Xanthe Spark

    The shield is gorgeous! Came super fast, had neat packaging and I cannot believe it's quality! The only thing is that I highly underestamated was how small it was going to be, and I thought it would be concave, not flat. But for the price, it is a fantastic product and I give it a 9.8/10! It'll look fabulous with my dress for my Rose cosplay.

  34. Chris Weiss

    Looks perfect! Came 5 days earlier than expected and is a true completion to any cosplay

  35. Nordy Marulanda

    Bought it as a gift for my brother for Comic Con and he loved it!

  36. Austin Metzger

  37. brandonblackwood09

    It was on time, it was nicely made and a lot of people liked it! It also makes a really nice fan as well so bonus points.

  38. Amy Stringer

    Wonderful quality, very light and perfect for cosplay. Extremely well detailed

  39. sagastumes8111

    Amazing quality. Made All my friends super jealous.

  40. Zariah Morman

  41. coffeybrianp

    Great quality, very vibrant colors, great for a cosplay! would have liked the ability to adjust the straps in the back for holding on a busy convention floor, but overall a great item!

  42. Nicolette Wallman

    The shield looks great! It got here quicker than I expected.

  43. Nathalie Sanson

  44. Kodi Clifford

    I definitely had a five star experience with both this product and the shop owner! Upon contacting the shop about needing this shield very quickly for a Halloween party, I was met with speedy replies and a helpful hand in figuring out which would be the best shipping option for me. I ended up going out on a limb and choosing regular shipping (to avoid the extra $35 cost of overnight) and it was still here EXACTLY the day it was needed! The quality of this product is superb, is exactly as the picture shows, and it will be a loved object of mine for years to come. Thank you so much! 🙂

  45. sarahmariecooper7

    The shield was beautiful and the vendor made sure it got here by my brothers birthday, with no extra cost!

  46. hpy2gedr

  47. foreverabreeze

    This item had some tiny pin holes in it but it was amazing it arrived 4-5 days after ordering it and the quality is great, it's better than I could've done also the same of the centers edges were off it is supposed it be a flat edging in the inert flower pattern not a rounded one but overall I love this item

  48. jenneilgilmore

  49. Cheryl Robb

  50. Melissa Meza

  51. Melodie Rak

    arrived quickly and it's well made

  52. Christie Varnell

    I am so pleased with this! Perfect piece to complete my cosplay. Thanks so much for the fast shipping.

  53. roberquinte3

    I cosplayed Steven, and now I have it on my wall. It is great!

  54. Tracy

    My daughter was ecstatic! We got it super fast, too! Excellent quality!

  55. Switzerland Copenhaver

    This is perfect for my cosplay! I was looking for a cheap yet well made prop for my Steven cosplay and this is way beyond my standards. Definitely would buy from this seller again

  56. Nichole Hawley

    My daughter loved it, fast shipping!

  57. Rachel

    Absolutely beautiful item. 🙂 The colors are vibrant, the quality and craftmanship are amazing, and it absolutely made my friend's day to receive it for their birthday.

  58. Yoru Yasuragi

    Absolutely lovely!
    My younger sister can't wait to cosplay as Steven this year!

  59. melissabain10


    I can not begin to express my gratitude for the beautiful statement you placed on the back of the shield. Ethan was so surprised and felt so special, he kept hugging me and saying how beautiful it was. He carries it with him everywhere we go. I will catch him sitting in the floor reading the words you wrote on back, it brings me to tears to see how happy he is. He does plan on taking it to the hospital with him, for protection as he puts it. The shield is very beautiful and well made. I will send you a pic from the hospital after surgery which will be on 8/15. Keep him in your thoughts. And thank you again.

  61. cristielyn76

    Great quality, fast shipping, all around good replica!

  62. Crystal Short

    Came super quick, and is an absolutely lovely piece! Can't recommend them enough!

  63. Pandi302

    Shipped very quickly and great quality.

  64. Kate Rule

  65. Val Suarez

    Shipped exactly on time and perfect for cosplay. I loved it and would DEFINITELY would buy again.

  66. Tyler Rugh

    This shield is perfect for my Steven Universe cosplay. It came way faster than I thought it would be. Price is totally worth the extremely detailed shield.

  67. Shepard Macaluso

    So excited to give to our son for his birthday! Was super helpful in coming up with a custom plan for our 4 year old. Shipped very fast!

  68. yanez1966

    My son is so excited! It is awesome!!

  69. Jason McConnell

    Just as pictured!! Beautiful color and easy to hold straps on the back. Highly recommend, great for any Rose/Steven cosplay!

  70. Kristin Kohn

    Awesome shield! My 12 year old SU fan is thrilled with it! Thank you 🙂

  71. Adriana

  72. Marvin Hodelin

    Wonderful craftsmanship, perfect for my Steven Universe Cosplay! Delivery was fairly quick as well. Thanks!

  73. jilltrone

    Well made
    Kid was happy
    Arrived on time

  74. Jhonathan Tapia

  75. Diana Betancouryh

    Very well made

  76. gabbymeade78

    It looks just like the picture and is even more beautiful in person!! Very well made! Perfect for my Rose cosplay (:

  77. amadi30087

  78. Kelley Payne

    Just what my daughter envisioned! Shipping time was quick and I was very pleased.

  79. Heidi VanderMolen

    I bought this for my daughter for her Stevonnie cosplay. it was perfect! She loved it.

  80. ciaraware44

    I am in love with this shield it's perfect can't wait to cosplay with it ?????

  81. L M

    My son loves it and gets compliments on its craftsmanship. Seller was very kind, helpful and responded quickly to any concerns.

  82. Justin Mello

    It's what I was expecting.

  83. Debbie Russell

    Worked Great for my steven cosplay! Wasn't too heavy or bulky, and would recommend it. The only reason i give it a 4 star review is because the item was basically completely flat, which if i would have payed more attention to it i probably would have noticed it before purchasing. Still, it's a great product which i would buy again!

  84. salvadorcallebaut

    Loved the shield! Came super fast! Will be ordering the sword in the next couple days.

  85. Jesse Rebekah

    Looks great and is lightweight for cosplay

  86. Marines Gonzalez

  87. Raymon Strong

    My shield came & I’m so happy!!! Small scapes across the surface but still in very good condition!!

  88. victoriamayhenderson

    Shipped on time. Beautiful quality. Grandson loved it!

  89. Ryan

    Shipped really fast and looks amazing. Cant wait for march to cosplay as future steven universe.

  90. Megantheweirdo

    It look just like it does in the picture. It's very sturdy also.

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