Terra Ends of the Earth Keyblade | Kingdom Hearts II | Cosplay Replica Costume Prop

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Terra Ends of the Earth Keyblade

Behold the Ends of the Earth keyblade wielded by the Keyblade Master Terra in the popular video game series, Kingdom Hearts. Terra’s powerful will resides within this keyblade and while Terra has been known to change the form of his keyblades, this one will remain 31″ long, 12″ at its widest point, and incredibly lightweight to make it easy to carry or easy to display on the wall. A perfect and unique gift for any Kingdom Hearts fanatic.

Choose this Terra Ends of the Earth Keyblade for your Kingdom Hearts Keyblade Collection

Making Product
Making Product

Terra Ends of the Earth Keyblade is hand crafted from layered ¼” thick wood, the costume replicas are durable and light weight. These layers provide structure and remarkable detail to create a replica as close to the original source as possible.  After we have sanded, primed, painted, glued and micro nailed each layer together creating a strong and durable fully immersive cosplay accessory.  These are highly decorated replica pieces made for the imagination; we do not encourage actual LARPing as paint and more delicate sections are prone to damage on collisions.

Showcase Your Kingdom Hearts Keyblade to compliment your Home Decor

Costume Weapon StandsCostume Weapon on Display StandsEven if you aren’t wielding the Terra Ends of the Earth Keyblade as part of a cosplay, it can make for a distinctive home decoration.  Purchase our Display Stands so you can display your favorite fandom prop on any shelf or tabletop.  Or, since they’re lightweight enough, hang them with command strips where it makes an incredible addition to any dorm room or apartment. Showcase your fandom for all to see! Or in a time where it seems like people have it all, this can be the perfect unique gift. Nothing shows you care more than being attentive to the passions of your loved ones and gifting this replica shows you do just that. Creating a sentimental and handmade gift they can’t receive anywhere else. So whether its a birthday gift, Christmas gift, or I’m thinking of you gift, it’s sure to make an impression.

Terra Ends of the Earth Keyblade Customized to Your Liking

The best part of cosplay is how creative and inventive it can be. So why limit your own creativity when we offer all of our props and replicas unpainted?  It’s an inexpensive option that allows you to let your imagination run free.

If you are looking for something specific that you can’t find in the rest of our Cosplay Props feel free to contact us with any commissions or custom requests!

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Additional information

Weight 3.4 lbs
Dimensions 31 × 12 × 1.3 in
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4 reviews for Terra Ends of the Earth Keyblade | Kingdom Hearts II | Cosplay Replica Costume Prop

  1. Evelyn Joy

    Insane! My brother's reaction to this being his Christmas gift from me was the best thing ever. Thank you so much.

  2. KX

    I won't lie, when I seen the price on this item I was a bit iffy about what the quality would be… but I have to say, this blew me away. When I opened the box and seen it, just the detail and size, I was amazed. This was well worth what I paid (if not worth more). And even though I bought this for a cosplay, I'm tempted to buy the other two keyblades to hang on my wall as a set, they look that good.

  3. Stephaney Vestal

    Its really more then I can ask for. Its beautiful heavy and sturdy. A wonderful prop or wall display.

  4. Paige Ryan

    The item is absolutely beautiful and even better than described! The quality is amazing and the seller is just as good. Thank you so much! I’ll definitely buy from again

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